Joe works as an accompanist, conductor and animateur with choirs of all ages and abilities, in the UK and beyond.


Joe's work with choirs is founded on the principle that choral singing should be inclusive and accessible to everyone. Rehearsals should be fast-paced and effective but also fun and light-hearted, and anyone should, with healthy voice use, be able to sing music in any style.

Joe is the artistic director of The Collective, a new vocal ensemble composed of actors, singers, musical directors and others working in the arts.

For the past four years Joe has been the musical director of the Barnes Community Choir, a non-auditioned choir in South-West London, and he is the regular accompanist / associate conductor of All Sing! Harrow Road Community Choir. Other groups Joe has worked with are listed here >>

He also runs one-off choral singing workshops for ensembles on request.


Other Choirs

  • Arabesque School of Performing Arts 
  • Artsdepot
  • Brunel University
  • The Choir with No Name
  • Clapham Community Choir
  • Euphonix
  • Guthrie Theater Choir (Minneapolis)
  • PopUp Choir (Minneapolis) 
  • Real Voices
  • Sense of Sound (Liverpool)
  • Sing Inside
  • Tapestry Female Voice Choir